The Cool List: 10 Best Marketing Campaigns March 2012

A totally subjective list of the ten best marketing campaigns in March 2012. It was a month when Kony became synonymous for all the wrong reasons, a month where you wait for a good Twitter campaign and three come along at once and Pinterest gets its first marketing campaign.

1. XXXX Gold: XXXX Island

This is my number one purely for selfish reasons. It’s a competition, sponsored by ber brand XXXX Gold to win a holiday on an island recently purchased by the beer brand. They’re going to make it the ultimate lads hangout. I mean who wouldn’t want a 15 acre island to hang out with mates? I’d imagine you also have all the XXXX Gold you could possibly want.

2. The Anthon Berg Generous Store

This reminds me of those many ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ type campaigns run by a bunch of brands in recent years. Except the ‘act’ becomes a currency in itself that can purchase chocolate at this special store.

3. Mad Men Youtube Game

I work in marketing, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of TV shows… but I’ve never gotten into Mad Men. It kind of reminds me of The Sopranos – the bits in between the killings, the murders, the crimes – yes the boring bits! It feels like one long episode of Tony Sop sitting in his psychiatrist’s office. However, this is good:

4. Kotex on Pinterest

Another confession, I’ve never used Pinterest! As a social media type you’d surely expect me to hop on all the latest trends. However my time is precious and I’d prefer to spend it more constructively than messing around on yet another social network. Once the ‘fad’ dies down I’ll give it a blast and in two years if my non-marketing friends are using it then it might actually be good. One of my favourite sayings is “just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should”. It’s yet to be proved wrong and this campaign on Pinterest gained enough traction last month to ensure other brands will now hop on the bandwagon. It’s a social niche-work (Boom coined:)) that few brands should seriously consider using – yet.

5. The Great Airplane Project

Let’s be honest, people hate marketing. We’re busy enough trying to balance our lives, home, work, family, friends, pets without having to care what brands think too. The easiest way to overcome this is to do something that can actually be called ‘awesome’ – without being hyperbolic about it. One of the reasons I started this monthly list was to weed through the ‘awesome’ campaigns out there that simply fail miserably to live up to the tag. So what can be called awesome? Something that does something for the consumer in an exciting and unique way. The problem this campaign solved was ‘how to get kids interested in aviation and space flight?’ The answer….

6. Dunkin Donuts: Flavour Radio

I thought this was odd enough to warrant inclusion. You hear an ad for Dunkin Donuts on the radio and it’s followed with the smell of coffee.

7. Pizza Emergency Button

This is brilliant, a bluetooth enabled fridge magnet that automatically orders your favourite pizza when pushed. It simplifies the order process for the consumer, while also encouraging loyalty and (possibly) obesity! Another Pizza related campaign of note this month is from Domino’s for a social pizza – yep crowd source a Pizza on Facebook with the most popular one making it onto the menu.

8. Mix FM: World Aids Day

A Facebook ‘virus’ that highlights just how easy it is to catch the virus in real life. It’s from Brazil and was eventually blocked by Facebook after 6,000 views. Boo! Nothing like a good rule to stick too even when it comes to promoting an important social message.

9. Mercedez Benz Tweet Fleet / Twitter Scrabble / Coke

There aren’t many genuinely interesting Twitter campaigns out there. I compiled this list about a year ago and after extensive research could only find 15. Remember that was out of 5 years of Twitter being in existence

So imagine my surprise at coming across 4 campaigns last month. One of the reasons why Twitter is seen less favourably for brands than Facebook has to do with its perceived limitations. I mean 140 characters isn’t much – but it’s what you do with it. For example;

Twitter as an entertainment platform for Scrabble

Twitter as a public service tool for Mercedes-Benz

Twitter connecting the online and offline world for Coke.

Twitter as a loyalty program for American Express

10 Streets Ice Cream

A very ‘cool’ idea by an ice-cream brand in Oz. It’s frothy marketing at its best.

Have I missed something? Feel free to post a link in the comments.

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