Best Marketing Campaigns April 2013

There’s a few recurring themes in this month’s collection of campaigns free these include free Wifi, Belgium appears twice and a number of beverage companies have produced interactive bottles. Read on.

10. BPost: Live Webshop

To prove how good they are at delivering your packages the Belgian Post Office set up the Live Webshop a kind of auction house that allowed viewers to buy items at discount prices. The viewer watch the shopping and shipping process live and the item was delivered overnight. It had some great results too – over 260,000 people visited the webshop online and brand awareness increased by 65%.


Best Marketing Campaigns February 2013

A few truths I’ve learned from writing these posts for 14 months;

1) Coke will more than likely feature each month
2) Ikea will appear more often than coke
3) Hidden camera stunts will feature even more often

This month there’s not one, or two, or three, or five for that matter hidden camera stunts. There’s four of the damn things. I could moan that the marketing community is bereft of good ideas but then I go and say four of the best campaigns this month are hidden camera stunts! Are we nearly all hidden camera stunt fatigued yet?

10. The Last Exorcism

As brands become more and more involved in content production what we are seeing is is old ideas taken from other media, in this case television, and them being repackaged in a brand friendly way. For example hidden camera stunts are just freaking everywhere, at this stage if I walk down a street and see anything out of the ordinary I will expect some to see some brand stunt, eventually we’ll all just become so accustomed to them they just won’t get a reaction from us (the public). Which begs the question, how many of these hidden camera stunts by brands have either gone totally awry and never seen the light of day?


Best Marketing Campaigns January 2013

So the first month of the New Year is done and dusted, I can safely say I made it to January 3rd without breaking any New Years resolutions. I can also admit my resolution to get these posts up at the start of each month has also been broken. Oh well that’s what next year is for! Without further ado here’s seven campaigns that rocked my world in January.


07: Fiat Motherhood

There’s only eight ad’s this month worth talking about and this is the first. So many ad’s owe their success (or at least their concept) to Flight of the Conchords, I can’t watch any of these ads with comedy songs without hearing the influence of Bret and Jermaine somewhere in there. Ok so it’s like a brit version of Swagger Wagon but that c’mon that actually sounds like it was pulled from FOC!


Best Marketing Campaigns December 2012

So how are your new years resolutions holding up? It’s the first week back and I’ve already broken one but it’s no biggie. I never really went for resolutions until last year but they can focus the mind on being more productive. Plus I have a love of lists, they help organise things in a way that makes them easier to digest. New years resolutions are like a personal strategy for the year, made up of smaller components or goals (in your work or your non-work life) that help you achieve said resolutions. You could call it a real-life strategy game, but that would only make you sound like a bit of a w**ker. Which I’m very good at sounding like at times.

Speaking of lists, here’s the best marketing campaigns I found online in December 2012.

10. The Axe Pillow

As marketers we’re always finding new needs to meet so we can shift some more product. At Axe they have gone one step further with the Axe Pillow and created something that no one needs, but should entertain the desired demo.


Best Marketing Campaigns November 2012

A monthly cut out and keep guide to the best marketing campaigns. Mostly covering digital, social and even some traditional marketing.

10. Durex

This is an unofficial ad for Durex that keeps within the brand tone and has such good production values, at first you would think it’s from the condom brand. I’m not sure the motivation behind creating the ad, but if it’s to get noticed (and maybe get a job afterwards) it’s a great way of going about it.


10 Best Marketing Campaigns September 2012

There was some seriously cool campaigns in September. What we’ve been seeing for sometime is a move towards The Internet of Things – where everyday objects that were not digitally connected, become connected. RFID is an example of this and that’s been around some time. This past month we have seen a very diverse set of products become ‘digitally enabled’ – for better or for worse. There was a live Twitter feed in a print magazine, chocolate bars with GPS technology, RFID enabled socks and an in-store loyalty programme that uses facial recognition technology.

1. Nestlé ‘We Will Find You’

This ticks all the boxes for me. For the consumer it’s a very simple to communicate concept, that requires minimum effort to take part in with a very clear benefit for them and a big technology twist. You can also enter codes from promotional packs on a Facebook app to win a cash prize.


2. Hunted ‘Byzantium Security’

Hunted is a new BBC HBO co-production about a female spy who reappears a year after she is presumed dead. This online game uses photos, video and audio in what seems like a series of bizarre questions – you think your building towards an end, which you are, but… well that would be telling. I passed this onto three friends of mine to play and they gave up, when I told them what they missed on the last level they were kind of annoyed at giving up. In other words – spend the five minutes until the end. Oh and it log’s into your Facebook account to pull content for some of the rounds. While I really liked this game, I’m not so sure the connection with the TV show was clear (except bar a trailer played at the end), but that’s not it’s biggest flaw – the biggest flaw was all three of my friends dropping out before finishing the game and thus missing the connection with the TV show and – the point of the whole thing.

Play Byzantium Tests here.

In the US, more precisely on Wall Street, the game was supported with this out of home communication and banner ad’s on


3. FaceDeals

I mentioned this in the intro – users are checked into businesses via face recognition technology and then sent an offer based on their ‘likes’. This has huge potential for high street retailers – online retailers can use your data to serve you with more relevant information (think of ‘people who also bought’ accounts for 20% of their sales!). FaceDeals could link the online data of Facebook with offline retailers to provide more relevant offerings.

4. Durex

There’s a few brands who really like to have a lot of fun with their marketing – Durex is one. This spot from Poland is very clever.

5. Alzheimer’s ‘Donate Your Timeline’

September 21st was World Alzheimer’s Day. To mark the occasion Alzheimer’s Disease International brought out an app that temporarily erased your Facebook Timeline. In other words, for one day, you’re entire (Facebook) memory was forgotten – which is something Alzheimer sufferer’s go through every day.

6. Fed Ex ‘Always First’

This is a student project for Fed Ex from the Miami Ad School. It’s not an ad as such but deserves to be. A simple message communicated in a very visual way.

7. is a campaign by Child Focus to help find missing children. The campaigns asks companies to donate their 404 pages to the organisation so they can advertise missing children. It’s a very interesting connection that’s taking a web page that most companies do nothing with.

8. Grey Poupon ‘Society of Good Taste’

Grey Poupon is a mustard brand in the USA. The brand launched a Facebook app that is only accessible by discerning people. If the app deems you to have poor taste in likes, comments, or not as educated as they like – you don’t get access to exclusive content.

Check if you have good taste here.


9. CW Live Twitter Feed in a Magazine

This is a strange mix, a live Twitter feed on a small LED screen in a print magazine. The feed is pulling tweets about new CW TV shows starting this month. The brand is allowing both positive and negative tweets to be displayed, with only tweets featuring swear words not being displayed.

Watch the ad get ripped apart:

10. Harry’s Bottle Message

A bar in Singapore has come up with a very cool way of bringing single people together – using beer and QR codes. You buy a beer with a tag, scan it, attach a digital message to that tag and then send the beer to the person you want to talk to. They scan you tag and boom! A conversation begins. Since launching in August Harry’s have reported sales of beer amongst those using the app are double than those without.

Best Marketing Campaigns Summer 2012

Ah Summer 2012 it seems a lifetime away. I’m sitting in a rain soaked Dublin on a cold and dark evening. Hard to think three weeks ago I was basking in the sunshine at Eletric Picnic. Anyways this is a catch up post, covering the best campaigns I missed through June, July and August.


1. The Ex-Girlfriend App: What a great idea this app prevents you calling your ex and alerts your friends if you try to do so! More great work from Brazil.

2. I though this was worth a mention – the Sprite Shower Dispenser. Also Brazillian – does sunshine help creativity?

3. Uniqlo are a brand always trying new things out on social media. They did this on Pinterest earlier in the summer.

4. Creating content is one way to build interest around brands and this is a nice example from Mercedez Benz. It’s interesting and shows of the selling points of the car – catching golf-balls!

5. While the above is good, this is an astonishing piece of content from Volvo. Unforgettable barely describes it.

6. Why are ad’s in toilets so popular? Where else can you get the undivided attention of a person for a couple of minutes? Check out this Guitar Pee.

7. Imagine all this screaming to win Olympic tickets, then seeing all those empty seats? This is from Volkswagon.

8. Volkswagon also had a banner to promote their hands free kit on their website. The banner allowed users to call their Facebook friends by connecting with their account. Nice way of integrating Facebook with an external site.

9. The third entry for Volkswagon on this list. This Pinterest Street View mash up is from South Africa.

10. The obligatory Ikea idea I liked from Summer ‘12 – it’s an interactive Ikea catalogue.

11. Not a gazillion miles away from the Happiness vending machines in recent Coke campaigns comes thinis the Delite Sampling Machine. Like Coke it also dispenses free product – for those who complete a task!

11. Finally this. Awesome work from Old Spice!

Old Spice Muscle Music from Terry Crews on Vimeo.

Cool List: 10 Best Marketing Campaigns May 2012

Much later than planned here’s the best marketing campaigns of May 2012.

In selecting these campaigns I usually look for a really good way a brand has created a connection with consumers. These connections cut through the marketing clutter, they can be funny, informative, useful, entertaining, unique or innovative – whatever it is, they have to leave an impression on the consumer that will help drive awareness or actions. If marketing fails to do this, it joins the endless sea of junk thats out there annoying consumers.

10. BBC: Frozen Planet AR

Concept: Augmented Reality installation in the USA
Why?: Creates a unique experience by allowing consumers to get up close and personal with Frozen Planet wildlife. Boom! Awareness and excitement, now let’s go home and watch the TV show.

9. Coke: Downloadable Concert

Concept: A band suspended 50ft in the air, brought down to earth by fans downloading their tracks from Coke Music.
Why?: See what they did it’s an IRL download, that provides incentive and reward for fans to give a damn!
Result: Over 50,000 downloads on Coke Music

Download Concert. The world´s first concert at a 50 m height from mauricio guerrero on Vimeo

8. Gulf News: Twitter Cup Sleeve

Concept: Fresh news goes with fresh coffee. The very latest tweets from the Gulf News Twitter account are printed on sleeves with a QR code to bring you to the news.
Why?: Like the dude in the video says it’s adding value for the customers.
Results: Gulf News website traffic up 41%, subscriptions up by 2.8% and 2,900 followers added on Twitter.

7. The Waiting Time Experiment

Concept: In a country not know for organ donation how do you change people’s minds and get them to sign up?Answer: Have a patient waiting for a new organ sit with those waiting for a train.
Why?: It’s tough to watch, and if it doesn’t change your mind about organ donation, what would?

6. Jung Von Matt: Lorem Recruitment Drive

Concept: Creatively hide a creative job offer in a site creatives visit every day – the Lorem Ipsum site
Why?: It’s where the audience are and unwittingly 220,000 pasted the job offer into their sites.
Results: 14,000 creatives clicked the link to visit the job offer. Check out the final seconds of this campaign video, is that the ‘C’ word I see before me?

5. Nike Twist

Concept: Promote the flexible nature of a Nike product through projection mapping. Which sounds kind of crap, but it actually isn’t.
Why?: Finally consumers get to actually play with projection mapping.

4. C&A: Like Hanger

Concept: Ever wanted to know how many people have Facebook liked the clothing item in your hand? Now you can find out in realtime
Why?: Social reassurance what your buying is awesome.
Results: 8,800,000 impacts (which could mean impressions or reach), 1,000 new fans added per hour (it doesn’t say for how many hours) and part of the collection sold out in one day (without giving us any figures or comparison figures).

3. Scotch Brite: Wash Your Bill

Concept: A sponge brand wanted to break into the hipster set in Brazil. They did this by offering to pay your restaurant bill – if you washed your dishes.
Why? Pick the right restaurants and the brand can reach the right consumers in a kind of cool way. Washing dishes, like, ya’know, ironically.

2. Hellman’s Recipe Receipt

Concept: Use software to analyse what products a consumer has purchased with their Hellman’s Mayonaise and offer a related recipe on the receipt.
Why? This is clever stuff, expand the uses of the product beyond just sambo’s thus providing consumers with useful information at point of sale.
Results: Sales increased by 44% in one month. Or to put it another way ‘Kerching’.

1. Nike: My Time is Now

Concept: Create a mind blowing experience using a multi layered story played out on Youtube
Why? Nike has a reputation for creating jaw droppingly good campaigns such as Write The Future. This is that times ten. Possibly the best football related campaign I’ve seen in a long time.
Results: Over 18 million views of the video, but this doesn’t count all the mini stories within the video. Below is just the intro for the full effect you need to go here.

Also worth a mention:

The Prometheus Subway Station
The beer vending machine you need to rugby tackle
Durex Speeds her up, slows him down
The Village allows you to report car parking jerks
Waternet Peeing Game
This months obligatory Ikea mention
Wikipedia Town
The virtual fridge lock

Cool List: 10 Best Marketing Campaigns April 2012

Hard to believe it’s May already, 2012 is just flying by. In April we welcomed and said goodbye to April Fools Day and Easter for another year, neither occasion features in the campaigns below. There’s plenty of good stuff from Ikea, McDonalds, TNT, Pum and a bunch of others. As always iIf you have seen something else worth including add it in the comments below.


1. TNT Benelux: Push The Red Button

There’s life in the old flashmob yet, as this brilliant execution by TNT Benelux demonstrates. Take that singing flashmobs, all you need is a button to add drama!


2. Ikea

I feel like I’m writing about Ikea every single month, and it’s hard not too when they keep coming out with clever ideas. Whatever Ikea do, be it real life installations somewhere, on TV or in some digital format the brand neatly joins the dots between between innovative and delivering tangible benefits for the viewer without ever resorting to gimmicks. Are Ikea the most innovative brand in the world in terms of marketing? Here’s this month’s proof.

They can do something new and fancy in an interactive video


…do it in a web banner. How 90’s of them.


3. Agency Work


Agencies like to throw out good ideas they’ve created without any brand attached. Agencies are always looking for clients, ways to show off and ways flex their creative muscle – without the restrictive ties of a client brief. Last month three ideas caught my eye;

A Spotify Powered Poster

An in-agency challenge to ditch the lift and take the stairs. Using NFC to find those climbing the most stairs.

The Likebelt allows you to check in anywhere, all you need is a belt and the thrusting motion of a young Tom Jones. Although this reminds me of Jotly the take the pi** app that allows you to rate anything… that eventually became a real app..


4. Tug Of Store

This idea feels like its not fully finished. At it’s core is a ‘hot or not’ shopping site. You can see how others are rating the products, with links to buy said products. I expected a fast paced scan through the latest collections from some designer, with a Facebook integration that add’s a social layer at least. But there isn’t, also you rate the products by giving them 100 clicks – yes you have to click the mouse about 100 times before the next product appears. In a time when sites are trying to reduce the number of clicks between visiting and purchasing on a site, Tug Of Store gives that concept two big fingers. It’s a great idea that isn’t fully teased out yet.


5. McDonalds

Two cool executions from McDonalds. The first is from a Polish train station, where McDonalds have integrated their menu with the timetable. Not only can you see how long until your next train, but also how many McDonalds products you can consume within that time.


A reflective billboard only visible at night – to highlight the local branches are open 24 hours. This isn’t the first time McD’s did something a bit different.


6. Puma: The Worlds Fastest Purchase

It’s interesting to see how technology is seeping into everyday actions. In this instance Puma have gamified shopping, the faster you are to make a purchase, the greater the discount. It’s not exactly new, but putting it into an actual store certainly puts a new spin on it. Plus the store can turn probably turn over a greater number of customers in a normal day.


7. Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

I also liked this, and it’s the first sequel of the month – Magnum’s Pleasure Hunt. You might remember this from last year, it’s basically a game across the internet that incorporates real pages. You can play it here.

In the Neatherlands they took the idea a step further to incorporate an AR app, that allowed people to play it in real life. It would be nice to find out how much of a success this AR campaign was. Bueller? Bueller?


8. TippExperience Two

It’s like the first one, which was great, but it doesn’t really break new ground so it doesn’t feel as great. But hat’s off too everyone involved for taking what is a very unsexy product and making people talk about it.


9. Smart Car: Ping Pong & Twitter Ad

The Smart Car brought us two interesting things this month, Pong updated with cars being used as controllers.


They also had this very different Twitter Ad run in Argentina, it’s a kind of cartoon in the Twitter-stream . Volkswagon did something similar on Facebook with their Flipbook and what looks like a never ending stream of photo’s..



10. Personalisation: Trident, Heineken, Channel 4, Durex, Citreon

Trident gum in the US promised the ‘Fun’ audit, it’s an Intel ‘Museum of Me’ type thing that try’s very hard. Access it here.

Brian Badonde, (you might know him as the funny one from Facejacker) released his Bacebook Bapp, which I can only assume is tied in with a new series of the show. I really tried to like this.


Heineken’s design challenge also came to an end, as did Durex’s Naked Box. I’m not sure how many entries there were for the latter, or how it performed, or indeed who came first, (ok, I’ll stop), but Heineken had 30,000 er… entries (soz!) and it’s a brand who are phenomenal in their Facebook comm’s, even if I disagree with their all in one global page.


While all getting people to design packaging and then make it for them is a win-win concept, the brand has to be able to put in as much effort in producing the finished product as the entrants did. So little did Heineken or Durex realise that Citreon was about to rain on their personalisation parade with the launch of the first Facebook crowd-sourced car. Yep design a car that Citreon will put into production, and bring it to market next year. First I want doors that open like they do in Back to The Future…Oh there’s small print – “ you can only choose the number of doors, the interior and exterior colours”.


Possibly topping Citroen in the underwhelming stakes is this Mercedes-Benz campaign from Germany. The premise is this, you can use any car key to open the doors of a Mercedes-Benz Viano on a digital projection. Nice idea. Out pops a variety of characters from the Viano (a van) in the projection, some of them funny, some are entertaining – all to highlight the space in the vehicle. Good communication of brand message. If your Viano is empty when you click your keys – you win a Viano ‘experience’. Unfortunately the ‘experience’ extends to a lift in a van – a thrilling experience if ever there was one. The video is worth watching if only for the family trying to feign excitement at the end “Oooooh, what’s this… a button on the inside of the van”. Unfortunately it doesn’t add drama.


Also worth mentioning.

11. Torrent your blood - A weird campaign that uses torrents as a metaphor for blood transfusion, thus highlighting the need for donars.

12. Scrabble Captcha - Using capatcha’s to recruit contestants – great idea!

13. Tupac turning the phrase ‘over my dead body’ into a potential cash cow for promoters.

14. A Bajillion Hits explains QR codes in a Banksey Style Guerrilla Buzz Marketing Viral.


The Cool List: 10 Best Marketing Campaigns March 2012

A totally subjective list of the ten best marketing campaigns in March 2012. It was a month when Kony became synonymous for all the wrong reasons, a month where you wait for a good Twitter campaign and three come along at once and Pinterest gets its first marketing campaign.

1. XXXX Gold: XXXX Island

This is my number one purely for selfish reasons. It’s a competition, sponsored by ber brand XXXX Gold to win a holiday on an island recently purchased by the beer brand. They’re going to make it the ultimate lads hangout. I mean who wouldn’t want a 15 acre island to hang out with mates? I’d imagine you also have all the XXXX Gold you could possibly want.

2. The Anthon Berg Generous Store

This reminds me of those many ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ type campaigns run by a bunch of brands in recent years. Except the ‘act’ becomes a currency in itself that can purchase chocolate at this special store.

3. Mad Men Youtube Game

I work in marketing, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of TV shows… but I’ve never gotten into Mad Men. It kind of reminds me of The Sopranos – the bits in between the killings, the murders, the crimes – yes the boring bits! It feels like one long episode of Tony Sop sitting in his psychiatrist’s office. However, this is good:

4. Kotex on Pinterest

Another confession, I’ve never used Pinterest! As a social media type you’d surely expect me to hop on all the latest trends. However my time is precious and I’d prefer to spend it more constructively than messing around on yet another social network. Once the ‘fad’ dies down I’ll give it a blast and in two years if my non-marketing friends are using it then it might actually be good. One of my favourite sayings is “just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you should”. It’s yet to be proved wrong and this campaign on Pinterest gained enough traction last month to ensure other brands will now hop on the bandwagon. It’s a social niche-work (Boom coined:)) that few brands should seriously consider using – yet.

5. The Great Airplane Project

Let’s be honest, people hate marketing. We’re busy enough trying to balance our lives, home, work, family, friends, pets without having to care what brands think too. The easiest way to overcome this is to do something that can actually be called ‘awesome’ – without being hyperbolic about it. One of the reasons I started this monthly list was to weed through the ‘awesome’ campaigns out there that simply fail miserably to live up to the tag. So what can be called awesome? Something that does something for the consumer in an exciting and unique way. The problem this campaign solved was ‘how to get kids interested in aviation and space flight?’ The answer….

6. Dunkin Donuts: Flavour Radio

I thought this was odd enough to warrant inclusion. You hear an ad for Dunkin Donuts on the radio and it’s followed with the smell of coffee.

7. Pizza Emergency Button

This is brilliant, a bluetooth enabled fridge magnet that automatically orders your favourite pizza when pushed. It simplifies the order process for the consumer, while also encouraging loyalty and (possibly) obesity! Another Pizza related campaign of note this month is from Domino’s for a social pizza – yep crowd source a Pizza on Facebook with the most popular one making it onto the menu.

8. Mix FM: World Aids Day

A Facebook ‘virus’ that highlights just how easy it is to catch the virus in real life. It’s from Brazil and was eventually blocked by Facebook after 6,000 views. Boo! Nothing like a good rule to stick too even when it comes to promoting an important social message.

9. Mercedez Benz Tweet Fleet / Twitter Scrabble / Coke

There aren’t many genuinely interesting Twitter campaigns out there. I compiled this list about a year ago and after extensive research could only find 15. Remember that was out of 5 years of Twitter being in existence

So imagine my surprise at coming across 4 campaigns last month. One of the reasons why Twitter is seen less favourably for brands than Facebook has to do with its perceived limitations. I mean 140 characters isn’t much – but it’s what you do with it. For example;

Twitter as an entertainment platform for Scrabble

Twitter as a public service tool for Mercedes-Benz

Twitter connecting the online and offline world for Coke.

Twitter as a loyalty program for American Express

10 Streets Ice Cream

A very ‘cool’ idea by an ice-cream brand in Oz. It’s frothy marketing at its best.

Have I missed something? Feel free to post a link in the comments.