100 Years Of Special Effects [video]

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This is a pretty cool viral I saw over the weekend, 100 years of special effects in film starting with The Enchanted Drawing in 1900 right up to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in 2008. Oddly theres an eleven year gap between 1993′s Jurassic park and the release of Spiderman. I’m sure there was at least one or two amazing special effects blockbusters released during that period… Independence Day (in 1995), The Matrix (’99) and The Fellowship of The Ring (2001) just off the top of my head.

Making the AIB Surfer Ad [video]

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This is one of my favourite adverts on TV at the moment. Its the AIB ad featuring one of their customers, John McCarthy. He set up Lahinch Surf School with the help of the bank. The advertisement was filmed in Lahinch and Doolin in Ireland, in September 2008.

The End Of TV News?

I often let blog posts incubate while I try to expand on their initial premise. Sometimes an idea or thought becomes more grounded in fact as time passes, such as some notes I wrote down last month that queried the future of TV news. The query stemmed from the realisation that I watch little TV news anymore and was expanded upon by the articles listed at the end of this post.

Look at the competition out there for TV news. Firstly it lacks the depth and breadth of subjects that can be achieved in print and even on radio. Online there’s a barrage of options for the individual to decide what news affects them most and how they wish to receive this information. Check Youtube for video, Flickr for photo’s, Google News for different sides of the same coin and Twitter for live streams from people on the ground in the very situations that are making the news. These sites can be more graphic, more spontaneous and less subject to laws concerning broadcast guidelines. All of which carry positives and negatives aspects.

These websites give the individual direct access to news streams, often its these same streams the news organisations are also relying on for information. Just look at the case of the Iranian elections earlier this summer when foreign journalists were not allowed in the country. Even for smaller stories switch on Sky or BBC News and chances are there will be referencing these same websites. Sky even go so far as to broadcast a daily programme based upon the most popular content on its website. Its part news and part ‘You’ve Been Framed’. Those who watch the Daily Show will also be familiar with Jon Stewarts constant lampooning of CNN’s efforts to stay tragically hip, broadcasting unedited tweets and messages, sometimes in a manner that might be construed as lacking confidence in its own skills to set the news agenda.

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Of course there has been a precedent for this – in newspaper industry. Google News has been blamed for their current malaise, as the service aggregates all the free news topics from around the globe. Maybe that’s partly true, maybe not. But this article on Viral Blog throws up an interesting proposition courtesy of Google’s Youtube website ‘News Near You’, bringing news content based on your geographic location. The article is in depth and worth a read if you can imagine the future of live news being an aggregator of countless streams from people on the ground, adding video, photos and live twitter commentary. What’s more is news organisations are signing up to provide free content to this service, much in the way the newspapers provide free content to Google news.

It is a well known fact that during big breaking news stories such as Michael Jackons passing or 9/11 the viewing figures go through the roof for the 24 hour news channels. However, what we are seeing now is the viewer in control of how they digest their news. In the recent passing of Michael Jackson a celebrity news website, TMZ.com, broke the story. They followed up the story with further exclusive breaking news that no other news organisation had access to. So when the various news readers were accrediting TMZ, I wondered how many viewers thought to make the switch from Sky or BBC to TMZ and when wireless internet ready TV sets become the norm, the switch from TV channel to website will require less effort and thus providing greater competition for the news channels. Just this month Channel 4 announced it was to axe several of its news bulletin’s

With regards to Youtube’s News Near You, it looks set for now to be available in the USA. Google stress this service will provide local content within a 100 mile radius to begin with. This radius will be reduced as more content becomes available. As with every service it has to start somewhere.

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10 Guerrilla & Ambient Marketing Examples

While I was on Blog sabattical for the last two months (thesis don’t write themselves unfortunatly), I was bookmarking some decent examples of Guerrilla and Ambient marketing that I found on the net. Clever marketing can make you wonder how did they come up with that, unfortunatly clever and unique marketing examples are often too few and far between. Most firms, certainly in Ireland, don’t break out of the mould and go for something different, which is odd because marketing is all about differentiation.

Guerilla Marketing I explained here, and Ambient here , essentially are about doing things different. So without further ado, and in no particular order, here’s 10 of the best I have seen this summer;

10. Get Them (People) Off Your Dog

This is a massive floor sticker in an Indonesian shopping centre. When it’s viewed from above it makes people look  surprisingly like fleas on the dog. A video of this would be cool. Although in Ireland where exactly would we be able to view something from such a height?

9. Nikon Paparazzi Billboard

This Nikon billboard in a Seoul subway station features life like paparazzi that appear to be jostling for the best celebrity snap. The celebrities are the passers  by who trigger flashing camera lights as they walk on the red carpet. This carpet then continues through the subway station and leads the ‘celebrities’ to a nearby store selling the Nikon D700

8. Vertigo Elevator

Suffer from vertigo? Well how about this for a view? But don’t worry its just a sticker on an elevator floor that gives a birds eye view of a city. The ad is designed for a swiss sky diving company and its objective is to provide people with an inkling of the feeling experienced when jumping from a plane.

7. Elevator Aquarium

Sticking with the elevator theme, Jelly Tots made this elevator into an aquarium for kids and parents to enjoy the ride a bit more. They kept the theme running on the outer doors too.

6. Floating Graveyard

The coral reef in the Red Sea is rapidly disappearing, so the Green Party in Israel decided to highlight the death of the coral by installing this rather odd looking, but effective, floating graveyard.

5. Maxwell House Adreneline

When sleepy workers arrive at their office this ad was designed to give them a a jolt of adreneline to wake them up, similar to the jolt provided by drinking a cup of Maxwell House who sponsored the ad. This is from an office in Beijing and proved so popular that it drew crowds from neighbouring buildings who wanted to see it.

5b. Elevator Floor Missing

I called this one 5b because its so similar to the last example. I’m not sure what this one was for, but it’s pretty cool all the same

4. Shock Advertising Brazil

This advert was sponsored by the Brazilian government back in 2006 to draw attention to the number of pedestrian road deaths. Its graphic, but again effective, the message is driven home. Pun intended.

3. Coke Zero Launch (Brazil)

The above picture is again from Brazil, this time for the launch of Coke Zero. In participating stores in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre and Salvado customers were offered free piercings with the brand logo. The only condition was a picture be taken and published on a website.

2. Amnesty Human Trafficking

This woman was locked in a suitcase on a luggage carousel in Germany. Stickers on the suitcase tell bystanders that its a Guerrilla Marketing stunt, although they might of guessed by the camera crews and photographers that are there to capture the stunt. Like all good guerrilla marketing it sends a clear and concise message in a new and interesting way. You can see a video clip of this here

1. Coffee Art

In Sydney, Australia, 3,500 cups were filled with variations of coffee and milk to create different tones when placed together created a giant beverage version of the Mona Lisa. I’m not sure if this is for a coffee shop, a coffee brand or just for the sake of it. But it’s still pretty amazing to look at.

Further Reading…

These are the bloggers who first posted these pics, they have plenty more examples at these links;

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Social Media in Tourism

Social media tourism campaign

I am impressed by this new effort to promote tourism in Tuscany. It would appear to be a co-ordinated multi platform approach to promote the city using social media. From the image in the link Twitter, Facebook, Tripadvisor and Flicker are all mentioned but no doubt many more social media channels such as Youtube and Google Maps will also be used.

This is a pretty cool idea. People trust other people and therefore user generated content, especially reviews carry much more weight that material produced by an organisation who’s goal it is to generate sales.

Given the depth and breadth of social media, not only will the city of Tuscany be promoted, but individual businesses, cafe’s, restaraunts shops, through tweets, pictures, reviews… all of which can only add to the experience of future tourists, who will then (hopefully) add their own content to the Tuscany social media world. This could then create a snowball effect that attracts more visitors in the future because the word of mouth has been positive.

All of this is possible because Tuscany is the product, it is a good product that will more than likely generate good word of mouth. This effort is co-ordinating that approach in a social media world, generating responses and positioning content on channels used by potential tourists. It will be honest and transparent, bad hotels or restaraunts are probably already getting bad reviews, this tactic may entice (or force) them to change their ways.

Social Media Revolution [Video]

A video I saw on the Mashable website over the weekend. Very similar to another video I posted up some months back about the development of the internet. This one focuses on Social Media, using some of the facts from the last video (and soundtrack if memory serves me right), plus some interesting new facts like Youtube is the second most popular search engine. Video below.