Most Active Counties on Twitter in Ireland

This is an infographic we recently created for Bank of Ireland. We took the volume of tweets per county and overlayed it with CSO population data to illustrate the volume of tweets per 1,o00 of the population. By adding this extra layer of data we can more accurately show what counties generate the most Twitter activity.

From past research (and common sense given the size of it’s population!), we know Dublin generates the most amount of tweets, but when you drill down to a comparable portion of the population as we have here, we see per head of population Dubliners are the 4th most active behind Louth, Waterford and Monaghan.

The study was compiled by analysing all geo-tagged tweets in July 2013 made in Ireland which was 5% of all tweets made in the country and totalled 1.25 million tweets.

Tweets per 1,000 of the population in Ireland

Tweets per 1,000 of the population in Ireland

Facebook Users in Ireland by County

In terms of some of the projects we put out in Discovery, this was relatively easy. The How Twitter is Used in Ireland project took nearly two months to complete while this was just a few short days. The data visualisation appeared on The Journal,, Yahoo News UK & Ireland, MSN News not to mention a few local radio stations listening to me spout on why they are where they are. Lesson: a single visual is easier to digest, and share, than a larger infographic. Not to mention a county by county breakdown makes it relevant to almost everyone. (Ssssh don’t mention the NI!)

The original article is here.

There are some 2.2 million Facebook users in Ireland and we know that 57% of everyone over the age of 15 has a Facebook page but we don’t know how evenly those users are spread over the entire country. For our latest Discovery research we’ve broken down Facebook users by county, specifically looking at the percentage of the local population who are using the social network. By looking at users in this way we get a more accurate indicator of how popular Facebook is in each county.


How Twitter is Used in Ireland

This project started with a question from a client ‘How many tweets does it take to trend in Ireland?’. ‘No idea’ was the answer running through my head, ‘but I would like to find out’.

To find out how many tweets it takes to trend in Ireland (160 is the answer), we had to also identify the factors that impact on this. We knew news stories trended, but was this due to the volume of people talking about the subject or because of importance, but what is importance? Not only that but how does one actually go about tracking everything that trends in Ireland, and how do you decide what trends are valuable to track?

The original post (from here) was picked up in The Irish Independent and multiple online news outlets.

How Twitter is Used in Ireland

The key findings of the study show;

  • As little as 160 tweets could get you trending
  • Sports and Politics are the most popular topics
  • Wednesday is the busiest day on Twitter
  • 10pm to 11pm is the busiest hour each day
  • Dublin & Cork users post almost half of all Irish tweets

This is the first time such extensive research has been carried out in Ireland and with it comes implications and opportunities for all brands using the social network.


Oxegen versus Electric Picnic Infographic

It’s crazy to think just how much data you can pick up from a brand’s social presence. In this infographic we identified some very topline figures around two competing brands, in this case the two biggest music festivals in Ireland.

A lot of the projects I see like these provide the kind of figures that really don’t mean anything; they have X amount of fans. So what, how many of those are within the target demographic and in the right country! Those are figures that can be used.

We had a lot of data we excluded for various reasons and a couple of areas we should explore next time such as; popularity in search versus line up position (how would this impact profile), how are sponsorship’s impacted by this. One sponsor of the events didn’t feature in the most popular brands section and finally much more analysis.


Best Marketing Campaigns April 2013

There’s a few recurring themes in this month’s collection of campaigns free these include free Wifi, Belgium appears twice and a number of beverage companies have produced interactive bottles. Read on.

10. BPost: Live Webshop

To prove how good they are at delivering your packages the Belgian Post Office set up the Live Webshop a kind of auction house that allowed viewers to buy items at discount prices. The viewer watch the shopping and shipping process live and the item was delivered overnight. It had some great results too – over 260,000 people visited the webshop online and brand awareness increased by 65%.


New Irish Social Media Statistics [Infographic]

In my day job at eightytwenty we’ve put together a social media statistics infographic with some new and recent statistics for the Irish market. The infographic covers Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn with a few figures for Google+ and Instagram. There’s a Facebook and LinkedIn heavy focus but that’s purely because we can get stats for Facebook and LinkedIn very easy, but not so for the rest.


Best Marketing Campaigns February 2013

A few truths I’ve learned from writing these posts for 14 months;

1) Coke will more than likely feature each month
2) Ikea will appear more often than coke
3) Hidden camera stunts will feature even more often

This month there’s not one, or two, or three, or five for that matter hidden camera stunts. There’s four of the damn things. I could moan that the marketing community is bereft of good ideas but then I go and say four of the best campaigns this month are hidden camera stunts! Are we nearly all hidden camera stunt fatigued yet?

10. The Last Exorcism

As brands become more and more involved in content production what we are seeing is is old ideas taken from other media, in this case television, and them being repackaged in a brand friendly way. For example hidden camera stunts are just freaking everywhere, at this stage if I walk down a street and see anything out of the ordinary I will expect some to see some brand stunt, eventually we’ll all just become so accustomed to them they just won’t get a reaction from us (the public). Which begs the question, how many of these hidden camera stunts by brands have either gone totally awry and never seen the light of day?


Best Marketing Campaigns January 2013

So the first month of the New Year is done and dusted, I can safely say I made it to January 3rd without breaking any New Years resolutions. I can also admit my resolution to get these posts up at the start of each month has also been broken. Oh well that’s what next year is for! Without further ado here’s seven campaigns that rocked my world in January.


07: Fiat Motherhood

There’s only eight ad’s this month worth talking about and this is the first. So many ad’s owe their success (or at least their concept) to Flight of the Conchords, I can’t watch any of these ads with comedy songs without hearing the influence of Bret and Jermaine somewhere in there. Ok so it’s like a brit version of Swagger Wagon but that c’mon that actually sounds like it was pulled from FOC!


Best Marketing Campaigns December 2012

So how are your new years resolutions holding up? It’s the first week back and I’ve already broken one but it’s no biggie. I never really went for resolutions until last year but they can focus the mind on being more productive. Plus I have a love of lists, they help organise things in a way that makes them easier to digest. New years resolutions are like a personal strategy for the year, made up of smaller components or goals (in your work or your non-work life) that help you achieve said resolutions. You could call it a real-life strategy game, but that would only make you sound like a bit of a w**ker. Which I’m very good at sounding like at times.

Speaking of lists, here’s the best marketing campaigns I found online in December 2012.

10. The Axe Pillow

As marketers we’re always finding new needs to meet so we can shift some more product. At Axe they have gone one step further with the Axe Pillow and created something that no one needs, but should entertain the desired demo.


7 Social Media Trends For 2013

Just before Chrtistmas I was asked to write a piece for the company newsletter so I dug out my crystal ball and, instead of putting everthing on black like last time, dished out the big 7 social media trends for 2013. Also known as ‘the most social media trends I could think of before the deadline’.

As a very lazy way of bumping up my own blog content here, I’m going to replicate the piece word for word below. If you want to receive the best monthly newsletter ever… to originate from the Mews in 64 Leeson Street, you can for FREE (!!!), just sign up here.

Having looked at the many developments in social media through 2012, what does the New Year have in store? Here are seven things you should be thinking about now.

1. Everything is Digital

In 2012 Nestle released chocolate bars that were GPS enabled, the CW network in the USA had a live Twitter feed in a magazine, coat hangers displayed Facebook likes, we added an Augmented Reality layer to pint bottles of Bulmers and there was even NFC enabled socks! Why are non-digital products becoming ‘connected’? Because they can deliver better experiences for the consumer and expect to see more of it in 2013.